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Posted on Feb 15, 2016 | 1 comment

A Sunday in the Life

A Sunday in the Life

Sundays have finally become the easy, unplanned family days you sorta hope for when you start having babies. It only took us seven years. We are free of the (double!) stroller and the diaper bag (suitcase filled with everything plus anvils). We have breakfast together and no one has to help anyone else eat. We each take care of our own bodily functions, too. Score!

We leave the house in the morning – not too early, not too late. We have one scheduled activity, then we are free the rest of the day. Since we’re already out, we stay out, meandering where the whim (and concentrated negotiation) takes the four of us.

This past Sunday, I decided to let the unusual moments knock on my door and I would take their pictures before letting them in. I didn’t seek them out. They came to me. As someone who’s used to taking charge and making things happen, standing back and letting things happen on their own is quite unfamiliar (and a bit of a relief). Seeing my day – and the world around me – from the passenger seat was utterly unexpected and enormous amounts of fun. It was Easy like Sunday Morning. I recommend it highly.


So, what did I do this weekend?




Only in California.




Now that’s a Valentine’s Day.




This cracked me up. “A personal relationship with reality.” They may be godless but they’re not humorless. (Is that a spirit orb in the photograph??)




Two lil’ monkeys.




San Diego Snow (as captioned by my Ohio cousin. From the actual snow).




Just. This. (Interestingly, the rider told us this was built before any of the surrounding buildings, and even before the trees were planted. Okay, mildly interesting. Okay, only interesting to me.)




A boy and his horse. And bishop. And rook.



Notice anything unusual?




We are cutting edge out here.




Getting grounded with the important things in life.




You’ve been warned. (Tornado coming now!)




I love this picture because it was the perfect day, capped off by a perfect picture…with my finger in the corner. Beautiful and highly imperfect, as per usual.


Keep your eyes open and you might see some unexpected scenes pass by, as well.

Is it the weekend, yet?

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