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Posted on Dec 19, 2012 | 7 comments

All Hail the Vitamix

All Hail the Vitamix

When I received a Vitamix, I knew, but I didn’t know, how much it would change my life. My kids (and Cute Banker and I) get multiple servings of raw vegetables and fruits almost every day without protest. This greatly reduces my guilt over not producing gorgeous bowls of green and orange delicacies with every meal.

They also get occasional doses of chia seeds, hemp seeds, probiotics, chlorella and spirulina. They are detoxing heavy metals as they slurp up the yummy smoothies, none-the-wiser to the weird seeds and powders that mom puts in them. I do take care to familiarize them with these ingredients and cultivate a taste for them at times, but in the hustle of every day life, these smoothies are a realistic go-to.

This morning, we had carrots, oranges, red cabbage, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, local honey, and a few grains of sea salt. And ice to make them cold.

Beta Carotine Blast

Sunrise Salad Spinner


Sometimes, the smoothies turn out brown. Spinach and strawberries do that. Tasty, but not so camera-ready.  But these, with the red cabbage, were intensely pink.


Now, if I forget, or, more likely, simply do not have the will to stand and chop vegetables for dinner, I can at least rest assured they’ve had some form of produce that day.


And, they taste a lot better first thing in the morning than a salad.



  1. That looks delicious!

    • I haven’t tried soup yet but I’m gonna do broccoli cheese soup this week!

  2. Got a Vitamix for Christmas for this very reason! I might have to get a recipe or two from you!

    • Jill, check back soon. I’ll be posting another one asap. Best one yet!

  3. Beautiful and inspiring! I love the photos they really capture the mood. And you know I bow to the Great Vitamix. I’m going to try the red cabbage in smoothies…the color is fabulous. Great job, Michelle, I’m looking forward to seeing more from you. GRuby

    • I love that my little ol’ blog is helping the world, one cabbage smoothie at a time. Ha!

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