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Posted on Jun 14, 2017 | 1 comment

Out with the Old, In with the Older; Back to Homeschool

Out with the Old, In with the Older; Back to Homeschool

I had The Talk with my significant other. Our relationship is not quite right even though we get along and we love each other’s families.

Today we made it official. We are breaking up.

Tomorrow, we exchange our CDs.

That last sentence will give you an idea of how long it’s been since I actually broke up with someone. What do the kids do nowadays – change their iTunes passwords?

You see, I didn’t break up with a person today, but a school. My kids’ school. A dear, good school, with whom my family and I share thousands of treasured memories. We will genuinely miss one another. But staying together at this point would be like staying in a relationship that doesn’t fit anymore. If it ever did. We are returning to our homeschool.

We know it’s the right thing to do but we are torn. Nothing is ever 100% right. There are very, very special things about this school and it’s people. We will miss them. We may even cry.

We served a purpose in one another’s lives. When my tank was completely empty, I turned to the school for help. They cared for my children for a year while I got back on my feet. It was a profoundly important service. I feel like myself again, and ready to take back the reigns. The kids developed relationships and skills they would not have at home. During the year, I hope we gave something back to the school, as well. We jumped in with both feet and gave it all we had.

We love our local school, we love its friendly community, and it’s warm, supportive teachers. It will hurt to leave these people, the shared activities, and working together for common goals. We will grieve. But we are homeschoolers at heart. School within four walls doesn’t suit us, at least not right now. It’s not the school; it’s us. So we are going back to being free.

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  1. SO glad to see you back at Sand and Table! I love your posts, and this one really got me, about breaking up. Breaking up?!? WHAAAT? So well written, as always. You might send a link to their (former) teachers. Bet they’d like it, too.

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