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Posted on Dec 27, 2012 | 1 comment

Best Christmas Gift Ever

Best Christmas Gift Ever

I have always been the sort for whom a vacuum cleaner is a good gift.  Forget flowers, they die.  Sweets? I’d rather use my calories on wine!  (And I’ll feel the need to detox later with a spirulina smoothie!). And if you’d like to pick clothes for me, well, perhaps you could also include the receipt?


Give me practical, any day of the year.

This may not be exactly practical, in fact it’s pretty unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, but a new puppy it ain’t.


Ever since I saw that genius advertisement, also known as the show Who Do You Think You Are?, I have been itching to get my DNA tested.  I wonder if I have some long lost relative in India! Belarus! Madagascar! Tasmania!

More likely, some odd pocket of the world where people get excited about the nerdiest things.


Ahh, the romance of a biohazardous specimen bag. Can’t you just hear the angels singing?


The odds of an exotic link aren’t likely, I suppose, but you never know.  Until you find out! Merry Weird Christmas to me!

Update: Want to see the results? Click here and scroll down to the comments!

1 Comment

  1. Update: my DNA has been received! Only 6-8 weeks until results! Anyone else on the edge of their seat?? I didn’t think so.

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