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Posted on Dec 29, 2012 | 0 comments

Better by Half

Better by Half

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions (who needs more pressure?) but I do like goals.  I can focus on a goal and resist the temptation to begin fifteen new projects on the way to finishing the first one. Goals are great for keeping on track.  Which is helpful when you have tiny people spontaneously crying, talking to you, and asking for food just when you’ve entered a deep thought.

And, goals have the nifty benefit of being flexible. They’re not do-or-feel-guilty demands, more like suggestions.  Pay attention to them and you’ll get somewhere.


Goals are effective, but it’s the plans for how to reach them that I really enjoy.


Well, okay, enjoy is an understatement.  I love plans and all their accompanying tools: spreadsheets, formulas, checklists, calendars, tasks broken down into various increments of time, color coded file folders…Yes, I even love planning the plans.  Give me a fresh set of office supplies, and I’m practically giddy.






After all the heady, fabulous indulgence of the recent holidays, I’m at peace with the rich side of life and ready to make some different health and fitness choices.  It was a long and full and wonderful season, and I’m ready for change.

My goal? Fit into those darn jeans that used to be loose.


My plan? Eat and drink everything I want to, but only half of what I would normally choose.


Want a glass of wine? Sure! Fill the glass halfway, add ice cubes (don’t judge me), and sip it slowly.  Garlic shrimp in lemon butter? Sure.  Eat three instead of five.  Oreos?  Absolutely.  Take ten instead of twenty.  Ha.


The one exception to this plan of halves is vegetables.  I welcome them freely, in all colors and preparations, with no restrictions whatsoever.  I figure their nutrients balance out any extra calories from the organic, pasture-raised butter they’re cooked in, and the fiber fills the tummy so that leftover Christmas rum cake on top of my fridge seems less imperative.  That’s my reasoning, anyway.


So, there’s my plan.  Half.

Now, for the fun part: calculating the daily, weekly, and monthly progress targets and setting electronic reminders with -oh- categories! And a dry erase board! And paper, and post-its, and pens, Oh My!


Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading. Now, do some writing! Leave a comment!

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