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Posted on Aug 3, 2013 | 2 comments

Boys of Summer: Mud Buddies

Boys of Summer: Mud Buddies

This is what happens when you empower your 4-year-old to use the hose at his discretion. To wash a nectarine, to water a plant…to flood the foundation of the house – you know, the simple joys of boyhood.

Mud Bath - Sand and Table


“Come on in, the mud’s fine!”


Oh yes, this one participated too.


We got these little naturalists an actual water table (a table designed to hold water) and we even sanctioned mud in it. But it just sits there. Empty.


It’s so much better when you can actually be the mud.

Muddiness Is Next To Godliness (Right?)

Happy summer, my little boys. KIT. Stay cool. See ya next year.


  1. Lucky little boys, to have their own mud pit! Although one of them does look like he’s rethinking his options.

    • That’s the look he gets when he’s up to no good.

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