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Posted on Oct 11, 2012 | 0 comments

And Breakfast For All

And Breakfast For All

I made a breakfast hash by Giada De Laurentiis this morning.  This dish covers all the basic breakfast hits: bacon, eggs, potatoes.  It also adds a lot of mom hits like spinach, onions, and red bell peppers, and leaves room for improvisation on both fronts.




I made this once with no bell pepper (didn’t have it) and once substituting ham for salami (had it).  So, go with whatever’s in your fridge, and don’t be afraid to use more or less of something, depending on what you’ve got.

Since I cook all the elements of this dish in the fat from the bacon, I use way less salt than the recipe calls for, but I do add a tiny pinch at every point Giada instructs us to. It’s good advice: the salt really flavors the food through and through, rather than sitting on top. I also omit the orange zest. I think it distracts from the other flavors but go ahead and try it, just use the tiniest bit.  Let me know if you come up with the perfect ratio and I’ll give it another go.

I’m having a hard time getting the eggs to set on top, even with a lid, so at the end, I spoon the hot hash over the egg whites and they continue to cook on the way to the table.

This is a crowd pleaser, satisfying, and healthy (make sure you use organic bacon).  It is very, very easy, but it does take enough time that you can enjoy your morning coffee in the kitchen, while watching the Today Show as you chop and stir, and people will leave you alone because you are working so hard.  Thank you, Giada!

Salami, Bacon and Spinach Hash recipe at Food Network 

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