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Posted on Dec 30, 2013 | 1 comment

Christmas Toys Bring After-Christmas Joys

Christmas Toys Bring After-Christmas Joys

That happy week between Christmas and New Year’s. When the merry pressure has escaped and emotions settle. When new toys are there, ready to channel young energy and restore balance.

This is Mom’s favorite toy of the year. (The kids are crazy about it, too). It’s one puzzle made of four individual stacking toys. Separately, they are the four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. Can you see them?

Four Elements

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This is made from the fire element.


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It’s from an amazing company called Grimm’s. Visit their website to see their entire line and get ideas for building, but they don’t sell directly to the public. If you decide to buy, Amazon has many of the products at a good price. You can probably also find them at your local Waldorf school or store.

It’s wooden, beautiful, strong, and limitless in the ways it can be used.

This is made from the water element.


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It can be arranged into a puzzle, stacked into the elemental shapes, or sculpted far beyond anyone’s imagination, except the imaginer.

This is made from the earth (caves) element.


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I’m trying to put these down long enough to let the kids use them. In fact, I think the individual elements would make special presents for adults. Wouldn’t they brighten up a dreary desk?

This is from the air (rainbow) element.


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I can’t wait to see what creations are brought forth from my little guys’ minds. I see some ideas brewing in there.


I hope you’re enjoying the end of this holiday season as much as we are. Leave a comment about your favorite Christmas “toy” this year!

1 Comment

  1. A soccer rebound net, oh, I guess that belongs to my boys too, but who’s says I can’t play with it. It’s awesome!

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