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Posted on Oct 20, 2012 | 1 comment

Cool Lunch

Cool Lunch

There is something fun about tiny food.  From simple appetizers to fancy tea cakes, it’s just more fun to eat things in miniature.  Take this concept, add it to the idea that it’s also fun to eat out of unusual containers, and you get ice tray lunch! Put a few tried and true child pleasers (anything with peanut butter) with some bright colored veggies and dip (tri-colored bell peppers and hummus), some fruit, some meat, some little crackers, hard boiled eggs, olives, seeds, anything you think your kids will, or won’t, eat.  It’s a good place to try new things.



Avocado, feta cheese, oranges, slivered almonds, lightly cooked carrots, green beans, cherry tomatoes, strawberries…



Going in.



Fun food in the fort! (excuse the bad lighting in addition to the usual questionable photography)



These would be great, shatterproof containers for a picnic in the backyard.

Tapas for tots!

1 Comment

  1. this is so cute, tapas for tots, surprised i haven’t seen this on pinterest.

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