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Posted on Dec 22, 2012 | 0 comments

Deck the Smalls

Deck the Smalls

You know those adorable photo cards people send you every Christmas? The ones printed on the thinnest rectangles of slightly bowed photo paper that simply won’t stand up on their own? You prop them against the sturdier, folded, cards but they angle away, and eventually slip down, taking other cards with them, and they drive you crazy all season? Okay, maybe it’s just me.

Or, you put them on your refrigerator, but you really don’t want them on your refrigerator, but you have no where else to put them that they don’t fall down? Or get knocked over by a cat tail, a stray breeze, or the breath of a spider? Again, maybe just me.

Whether or not you suffer from Fallen Photo Card Syndrome, I thought of something fun to do with them this year. Since they are almost always pictures of children, I taped them to the wall in my kids’ room. They add to the festive decorations in there and I think the boys like seeing pictures of other babies and little kids they know.



They also have their own nativity scene with child figures, a soft snowman, and a mini-Christmas tree.





The nativity scene has been rearranged into more of a bonfire scenario.



The tree has far fewer ornaments on it than when it began the season.  And they aren’t coming back.



But, I think the kids like having their own Christmas stuff, in their own space. And, as far as the photos go, I don’t have to keep reaching between all the folded cards on my mantle, trying to make them stand up all the time. And yet I still get to enjoy them, whenever I’m changing diapers. It is lovelier than it sounds.


 Seasons Greetings!

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