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Posted on Aug 11, 2015 | 8 comments

End of Summer

End of Summer

Here’s what we did today to celebrate August, the summer harvest, and the ending of the season.

It required a book from many seasons ago. Those cringingly cute craft books you see for 20 cents at yard sales or used book stores (or when Nana cleans out her garage)? Go ahead and pick one up – you never know.




1) Assemble materials.

2) Painfully drag kids through making one object each.

3) Do the rest yourself.




This is a fairly intricate project for 4 and 6-year-olds. Mine kept up fairly well with the tracing, pooped out on the cutting, and revved back up for select gluing, painting and stuffing. Be forewarned.

Even with all the hand holding, it was worth the afternoon, I think. I finally got something that celebrates the end of summer up on our seasonal banner. (Click here to see the original banner that turned into a holiday and seasonal tradition.)

And it led to a sunny late summer evening outside, painting other items from our August themes: stars and meteors in the night sky, bonfires, camping, and corn (not as random as it sounds – well, maybe it is but it made sense at the time!).

(This is our August chalkboard drawing, comprising such things.)



We also, apparently, got a jump on Halloween. Or…summertime ghosts and aliens?? (See the paintings on the ground).



Here’s how the banner turned out. IMG_3813

End of Summer - SandandTable




They’re 3-D. Can you tell? IMG_3815




Finally, here’s our nature table. A bonfire at the beach, of course.



And…next month, we’re going camping!!!! Those are not exclamations of excitement, but rather dread. There won’t be a spa, or a proper wine glass, or even a mattress in sight. The things I do for those boys.


For those of you who want all the details of our little homeschool themes this month, here you go!




Have a good summer! Keep in touch! Don’t ever change!





  1. I love your nature table and work table outdoors and all the personalized themes you created 🙂 So fun!

    • High praise, coming from you, BEarth!

  2. How did you choose your themes?

    • I was stuck this month. July was so easy (stars, summer, beach, USA, etc) but August was a blank. So, I asked some Waldorfy folks I know what they were up to and the theme of “darkening but still warm nights” started to gel. It led to all kinds of stuff! I started with the big theme and then got more detailed.

  3. Looks like such fun! I love that they were making ghosts…or maybe aliens, HA! Thanks so much for sharing. 😄

    • I know. Have they never heard of a “theme?!” They always add their own twist. 😀

  4. Such concentration, and sweet watermelon slices and sunflowers. Umm…what’s KIT mean?

    • You mean not everyone signed their yearbooks that way? Keep in touch (over the summer)!

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