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Posted on Apr 16, 2015 | 1 comment

Farmstand Party

Farmstand Party



My most popular Pinterest pin by a factor of like ten million is A Frog Party. It’s just a little old post telling about a party I threw for my kiddo and lamenting the availability of frog-themed party supplies and how to make them yourself.

A few months after that party, I threw an even more ambitious Farmstand Party. I was so thoroughly exhausted from these two endeavors that I have only just now mustered up the energy to do a post about it. (Oh, yes, holidays, house guests and going out of town the morning after the party had something to do with it, but that’s life in the Mom lane!) However, the Farmstand Party was quite an event and I know you’ll want to see it.

So, this is for YOU, Pinterest People. Just for you (cause I’m pretty sure my regular readers will glaze over at the level of detail on this one. But I get it: I get you!!)

Party on!


Seed Card


First, invitations. Some bossy person somewhere once instructed, “The invitation sets the tone for the event.” When I feel like heeding this advice, I get really creative and have a lot of fun with paper invitations. When I feel like heeding this advice but do not have time to get creative, I order invitations. (When I feel like ignoring this advice and focusing on the event itself, or, say, feeding my children, I do Evites. No shame, people. Priorities!)

For the Farmstand Party, I ordered invitations. These sweet, simple, rustic, lovely little cards came with an organic veggie seed packet AND a recipe inside. I kind of splurged on these but I could not resist, I loved them so much. I still love to look at the one I saved. Tomato is my favorite.


Seed Card Inside


If you’re looking for inspiration for what to write inside, here’s what we did:

[Name] is turning [age]!
Join us for a Farmstand Party at [Last Name] Acres.


Come hungry for the harvest!

RSVP by [date]
[email address]

Have your little farmer “sign” it.


Next, the main decoration.

I have a general obsession with banners. This was the first one I made and, in the year since, I’ve changed it according to season or occasion.


It took one trip to Michaels for:

-teeny tiny clothespins
-burlap rectangles
-tan card stock
-letter stickers

And one trip to Target for:

-seed packets, which happened to be on clearance!



The cake was strawberry shortcake, which I thought fit the theme. Also, my son loves it. So we had strawberries and blueberries and whipped cream.

And another banner – on the cake. Old fashioned and sweet.

PS – That fancy country cake stand is a regular dinner plate on an upside down pot from IKEA.


The little chalkboard signs were stuck into mini pots filled with real dirt. Make sure they are heavy enough that they don’t tip over easily. A nice little rock in there would help.


Apparently, I forgot to take a picture of the main course which was hot roast beef sandwiches with squeeze bottles of Horseradish Mayo and Spicy BBQ Ketchup (somewhere in the next decade, I’ll post recipes for the sauces).

No main course? No problem! I’ll show you a picture of the potato chips!


The Potato Patch



The Apple Orchard



The Vegetable Patch

Skewers of grape tomatoes and veggie sticks sitting in a clear cup with a dollop of ranch dressing.

“Grass” is just torn napkins in a basket.



Chocolate Mint Herb Farm

Here’s a tip worth reading this far down: you can get chocolate pudding in bulk from your deli counter. Yep.

Crumble Oreos on top and stick in a sprig of mint. EASY! (Especially easy if your mother is available to run out and buy your store out of mint sprigs because you forgot.)

Here’s another tip worth reading this far down: Have your mother come early to all your parties.

For a special touch, add a wooden ice cream spoon with a Latinized version of your kiddo’s name as the plant name!



Cookies in the shape of the Birthday Boy’s age. It’s a five. Yes it is. Yes it is.

It’s not an S. No it’s not. No it’s not.



What else would you drink at a Farm Stand, but lemonade?



The Watering Hole



These were supposed to look like carrots. Yes they were. Yes they were.



All the food went onto a burlap “tablecloth” that happened to be the end of a roll (or whatever you call it) so I got it half off! I decided to find the unfinished edges “rustic.”

Decorations were galvanized steel pitchers that I already had, stuffed with red bandannas. It’s amazing how many things at this party cost exactly $1.


I chose this picture to show you, not because of my expert focusing abilities, but because I put these little bees on things and also I’m a sucker for initials.



This was the gift “table.” A little red wagon with balloons.



The activity – if any – at a tiny kids’ party needs to be short and simple, and if it involves mushing their hands in something, they will love it even more. What better than a Potting Station?



I chose succulents because if, by some miracle, these plants survived repotting and made it home with these little guys, succulents are very, very low maintenance. You’re welcome, parents.



Each child (all three of them) got a farmers hat, a pot, pottery pens to decorate it, and a scoop for their dirt. (And, yes, a bowl of strawberry shortcake with cream…)


Then they took turns watering their new plant with the watering can.


Eventually, the little succulents our boys potted got embedded in our planter box, pots and all. One of them survives to this day (11 months later).


I didn’t get a photo of the completed goody bags because my Star of a mother-in-law made them. She put some gardening tools inside and these were a few of the other items, all from Target’s $1 section – which is also a Star.

Farm-y themed Very Hungry Caterpillar paraphernalia.



Grow your own Sunflower kit.



Burlap bags. Just generally farm-ish. I think. I’m from the city.

I wonder what people who live in the country think constitutes city-ish?



The two Grandpas, looking about as impressed as you can expect them to be with all this business.



Great Grandma. She gets on the blog just because she’s 96. And, she grew up on a farm. A farm-themed relative.



Finally: investigating the loot!



I’m gearing up for a Soccer Party next. So, look for that post circa 2016.


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  1. So cute! I’d either forgotten some of these amazing details or didn’t notice them at all on party day…so much to look at!

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