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Posted on May 16, 2013 | 0 comments

Fitness Plan, Week Three – Still Running, But Where Are We Going?

Fitness Plan, Week Three – Still Running, But Where Are We Going?

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If you’re wondering if we’re still running, the answer is YES!

Our goal is to go every single day. So, naturally, we don’t. We average about four days a week, and we’ve been doing it for 21 days. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. If you skip some of those days, does it still count? What about if you skip them because you truly, honestly believe your body needs sleep more than it needs cardiovascular exertion? Like, for real?? I’m gonna say it does.

Our route is the same, so the distance has not increased yet. On the other hand, we are running more of it. We started off in walk/jog mode, and now we only walk down the giant hill to warm up, and walk up the giant hill for a final cardio push, but we run the entire loop around the lake.

We pass this church along the way. This Early Bird is there every morning.



We started this plan when Cute Banker was on vacation (by the way, who does this on vacation? Shouldn’t we have been sleeping in?). We knew we would have to start finishing earlier so he could get to work on time. That meant one of two things: run more or get up even earlier to accommodate our pokey walking. I think you can guess which one we aimed for.



It’s duckling season, so we’re enjoying watching the little guys as they grow. They get bigger even faster than kids.



Our middle school-aged niece and nephew spent the night recently, and – surprisingly – one of them decided to rise with the ducklings and go running with us (the other, very sensibly, stayed in bed). Cute Banker says we’re like Rocky now, picking up strays. I haven’t seen Rocky but I’m sure a comparison to a legendary fictional athlete is a good thing.



The other day, I heard some music in the distance. I turned around to see Cute Banker, running, pushing the stroller with one hand and holding his phone above his head with the other, grinning at me. He was blasting the Rocky theme song. It was quite a hilarious sight, and surprisingly motivating!



You may have noticed our stroller is not a jogger. Our hand-me-down jogging stroller has a flat tire. Dedicated running enthusiasts that we are, we press on, even while pushing a two-ton stroller and a couple one-ton kids.



As if that weren’t challenge enough, my dear, old, incontinent kitty cat (now known as Mr. Peebody) has taken to peeing on my running shoes. Yes! Does that stop me? No!

It can only get easier from here, right? Right?!? That’s what I thought.




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