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Posted on Feb 17, 2016 | 0 comments

Frog Cookies

Frog Cookies

This post is a follow up to A Frog Party and Frog Hats. Just a few tips on making Frog Cookies, from one who has been to the swamp and lived to tell about it.

Frog Party - Frog Cookies - Sand and Table


1) Any old sugar cookie recipe will do, but I used a shortbread recipe because I wanted to and I am the Frog Queen.

Add mini chocolate chips to the dough to make it wartier and chocolatier, but harder to get a cookie cutter through. Use the chips or not – it’s up to you. You are a Frog Queen.

frog cookies - Sand and Table



2) To get them green, add matcha green tea powder, spirulina, chlorella, or any combination of those. I don’t have an exact combo – I just kept adding until I liked the color (and flavor – those substances have a flavor profile not commonly found at children’s birthday parties or anywhere else one typically eats for pleasure).

Note: Use matcha green tea powder: Do not simply rip open matcha green tea bags, thinking you’re clever for saving a few bucks. The leaves aren’t pulverized as finely, so you end up with little green bits that simply do not dissolve, no matter how hard you stir. Or beg. Or make a wish. Finally, you just decide these are freckly frogs and get on with it.

If you use enough of these ingredients, you will be convinced these cookies are actually health food. These cookies are actually health food! (See?)

Frog Cookies / spirulina - Sand and Table



3) Royal Icing works well, but whatever icing you’re using, make some extra thick (with powdered sugar) and put in a separate container to pipe the outlines. That way, your regular icing won’t run down the sides like this. I used a #2 icing tip shoved into a plastic baggie with the tip of the bag snipped off. It really is that easy.

ICING STEP 1: Outline.






ICING STEP 3: Ignore the burnt ones. Not all frogs turn to princes, you know.




4) Be sure to add warts! (Mini chocolate chips.)




5) If your frogs are stubborn and refuse to leave the pan in one piece, it’s okay! Just serve Frogs Legs and pretend that’s what you meant to do all along. As Frog Queen, you have this power.




6) If using pre-made tubes of decorating icing to make the smiles, do not put plastic wrap over the cookies for at least four hours. Trust me. Those smiles used to be smooth. Now they’re a little wobbly. But they’re health food so it’s all good.


DSCN8419 (1)


Want to get your guests involved in decorating the Frog Cookies? Click here to turn the cookies into a party activity.

Thanks for reading. Now, do some writing! Leave a comment!

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