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Posted on Jan 25, 2014 | 5 comments

A Frog Party

A Frog Party

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A frog party! A big frog party! Sorry, Dr. Seuss. I couldn’t help myself.



Frogs were the animal of the year around here. My kiddo chose them for his birthday party. Again! What I discovered is that he is pretty much the only kid in the world to do so. They just don’t have a lot of frog stuff out there…Michaels, Party City, and general toy stores mostly came up empty.

Then, as with so many things in life, once I forgot about the blessed things for a minute, they came to me. On a random trip to Wal-Mart, I happened to see some froggy bath toys.



I had absolutely NO use for them, which is usually my cue to put them right back on the shelf and walk away. But, for some inexplicable reason, I was drawn to them. That’s one thing I’ve learned in my impressive body of shopping experience: if you feel an undeniable pull toward something, pick it up! Not only will you find a use for it, it will probably become one of your favorite things.

These little froggies became the inspiration for the entire party.



Royal blue and Kelly green with splashes of orange and yellow.

I would like to point out that there is red in those sprinkles which was not invited to my color scheme. I have a devious and very effective trick for getting rid of the red ones AND getting some time to put the party together without sweet little baby voices whining – I mean chatting! – up at you all day long. Give them some sprinkles and ask the little chatterboxes if they would like to sort out all the red ones. Seriously. It totally kept them busy for an hour and was genuinely helpful.




The obvious thing is lilypads, right? Fortunately, they are ridiculously easy to make. Get some felt sheets (Michaels, again) and some fabric scissors. Simply cut out circles (free hand) and then cut little wedges out. Add sticky flowers to a few and you’re all set.



And here are the infamous froggy bath toys that started it all, in a place of honor. They perched on some wooden building blocks from the boys’ bedroom and became the centerpiece.



I made a welcome sign and attached it to the front door. That’s just clip art pasted into some text boxes, with a standard border found in Word. I cut it out with rounded corners to make it look less like the standard piece of computer paper that it was.



The food was inside, but the party was outside. Blue and green tablecloths with blue, green, orange and yellow balloons. There’s the kids’ table with activity trays. The gift table is in the back, next to our lush lawn (ha).





1) Cookie Decorating

For the entertainment, the kids did frog cookie decorating. (Note the bottom left and upper right cups  – no reds! Thanks, kids.)



I outlined the kids’ frog cookies the day before. (Click here for details.)


Then, during the party, I sat and chatted with my grandma and used a squeeze bottle to fill in the rest of the frogs. This last-minute icing ensured it would be nice & gooey – the better to hold decorations with. I made one for each kid (in my case, three), then handed them out. I repeated it three times – that was plenty of sitting still time for young boys. It was a pleasant way to spend some time, all in all. It would also be a great assignment for a guest who offers to help.


2) Frog Hats

Another project the kids can get involved with is frog hats. We started this a few days ahead of the party and it really helped build excitement and understanding of what was going to happen for my little almost-three-year-old.

They can be favors, or place settings if you write names on them, or even a craft for the kids to do at the party.

Click here for instructions on how to make them.


They were a huge hit and continue to be used, even a week after the party – although, they’ve mostly been liberated from their googly eyes.


3) Froggy Catch

We also provided this game of No-Fail Froggy Catch. It consists of two fuzzy froggy catchers mitts and three different velcro bugs. The kids had no interest, but my mother was quite taken with it (ha!). I think she enjoyed the velcro aspect which meant she could actually hold on to the ball. Most of the time.





Naturally, you need food at a party. How about some Frog Food?



Frog Eggs, also displayed in muffin cups, on more wooden blocks.



Jell-O Aquariums. Make these the day before but decorate just before the event to keep your flowers and reeds fresh and firm. You can find Gummy Frogs at The Sweet Factory (bulk candy store) or on Amazon.





Cold cut sliders that look like, well, you know.

Mustard, mayo, cheese, tomato, strips of red onion (super cold to reduce the fire), and extra Frog Tongues (sandwich pickles) were serve yourself.



And the food labels had little flies on them. Again, clip art inside a text box. I knew all that computer jazz I learned working in an office would be put to some really important use someday.



This is pond water. I found countless recipes for pond water involving home brewed green tea, nasty artificial sodas, etc. The easiest thing you can do (and probably the most delicious) is to just buy several bottles of natural sparkling green apple soda. Done.

You’ll notice mine looks more like swamp water. Which is cool too, if you’re having, say, an alligator party. If you want POND water, do NOT add a bottle of apple juice to your apple soda. Do not. Or you will end up with funky brownish swamp water (not that there’s anything wrong with that…). But, even with it’s questionable color, it was all kinds of tasty.

That nifty center of the jug is filled with frozen water which keeps it nice & cold without having to bother with ice on the side.



If you’re having a birthday cake, I’d say frog cookies are optional. But it was so relaxing decorating these, it was like meditating. Even though I hate meditating. This was like meditating without feeling guilty when your thoughts wander. OMMMMM. And, anyway, the adults seemed to like taking one or two home as favors.

Click here for the full scoop on Frog Cookies.

DSCN8419 (1)


The problem with these frog cookies is that the feet kept falling off as I popped them out of the cookie cutter. So, what to do?? Make frogs legs! In fact, if I had thought of this earlier, I would have made a whole batch of just frogs legs.




Potato chips and deviled eggs rounded out the menu.

The cake was a simple store-bought deal with a fisherman theme. It was the closest thing to frogs we could find. As I said, frogs are shunned the party-going world over, except in my household where they seek sanctuary and receive their due glory.


Check out those candles. I use them every single year. I have a mixture of two shades of blue and one shade of green and they seem to go with any theme. Love not having to buy new candles, pretty much ever.



The beautiful, green-faced birthday frog (no longer a tadpole).




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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! My little guy is turning 6 and wants a frog party. He has loved frogs since he was born. This is very helpful and will definitely give me lots of ideas to make his party a hit. Thanks!

    • Thank you! I hope it was grand. Yeay for kids who love frogs! (I am not an adult who loves frogs. They creep me out. But yeay for adults who let their kids be themselves??)

  2. Cute party! May I ask where the sugar flowers are from you used on the jello?

    • Bad Blogger! (Me.) I haven’t logged in in forever but I have not disappeared. Thank you for your question. I’m sorry it’s so late for you! I will answer it now anyway, in case it helps someone else. The answer is: good old Michaels.

  3. Some gorgeous Froggy ideas, cant wait to try some of these for my boys first bday.


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