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Posted on Feb 28, 2013 | 0 comments

Guest Blogger: Cute Banker Speaks! He Grills! He Makes Suggestive Comments about Giada De La La!

Guest Blogger: Cute Banker Speaks! He Grills! He Makes Suggestive Comments about Giada De La La!

Here is Cute Banker’s first guest post. Given how much he likes to grill, this probably won’t be his last. Excuse me, I’ve got a few thousand grill tongs and marinating pans to wash. Enjoy!



So, this is my first time blogging and I don’t really know what to do. Is it a journal, an editorial about something I am supposed to know something about, or perhaps I am here to entertain you, what am I a clown? (Just kidding). So, why am I doing this, you ask? We’ll get to that.


I had a pretty fun day today and I just finished barbecuing and having a couple of drinks… do friends let friends blog drunk? Well, I’m not drunk but after four years with two kids, a couple of beers is a party.



I had a weekday off today and, after the kids miraculously went down for a nap, I decided, rather late in the day, that I would barbecue. My latest barbecuing venture, that I am still trying to perfect, is a grilled rack of lamb. It’s freakin’ good!



So I start by consulting my mistress, Giada De La something-or-other (just kidding, I’m a one-woman griller!). She has an awesome marinade for rack of lamb. After putting together a blend of garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt, olive oil, and a pinch of cayenne, I begin preparing the fire. This is where my fun begins…



See, I enjoy being outside where my boys are playing around me, running, riding bikes, eventually hosing down the dirt and submerging themselves in mud. Somehow, this is peaceful to me.





I start the Santa Maria grill, crack open one of the beers, and just enjoy the view out to the mountains and take in the fresh air. The smell of the wood burning, and the eventual sound of the food searing, relaxes me.


portobellos on the grill


The boys are happy being outside with me, and we get to spend quality time together while I get to decompress from the grind of the previous day, week, or month. And, for what it’s worth, I get to let my wife have a moment in time where the boys aren’t jumping on her or pleading for continuous attention.


I feel like the king of my domain out here.  The pay off is a rich, succulent, medium rare rack of lamb, with a side of Portobello mushrooms…






…thinly sliced rosemary potatoes…



…and garlic bread.



Oh, yeah, by the way, so this why I am writing this blog. You see, my wife is supposed to have been blogging while I was grilling.  Instead, remember that rather delicious spread of side dishes? The mushrooms, asparagus, potatoes and garlic bread?…well, they didn’t make themselves. So I have been exiled to the office to give her readers something to read, since she hasn’t had time to blog, herself. Entertained yet? Okay, back to the story.



My boys have already developed a taste for rare meat, proven by the still-red juices dripping off my soon to be four-year-old’s chin (my wife would argue that he is still three and three quarters).



Anyway, this is a good day for me. It lets me escape to a peaceful place, and prepares me to go back to the daily grind that is my job. Life is good.



Well, I guess my  job is done here. If you happen to find me blogging here again you can assume that I either made my wife do some extra work that was not on her agenda or that maybe I am trying to escape those rug rats that I hear her trying to wrangle in the other room right now.

Got to go, I just heard my three-year-old say his brother took off his poopy diaper. Can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow…well…maybe.


Thanks for reading. Now, do some writing! Leave a comment!

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