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Posted on Feb 19, 2013 | 3 comments

Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger

This morning, my son announced he was writing a book.  He hired me to transcribe it. Fortunately, I can also publish it, sort of (although, I imagine actual book publishers will be knocking on our door momentarily).

He chose “Tree Laughy” to be his nom de plume and set to work.

I left the background decorating choices in this shot so you know you are not alone.  Or, maybe so I can feel I’m not alone.  Does anyone else have the Small Child Chaos motif?


What with a couple pairs of new shoes, and the jury on the malevolence of socks still out, Blisters have been a big topic around here lately.  Art imitates life even in the preschooler set because his book is called Lulu Got a Blister.

This is an actual, word-for-word transcription of my guest blogger’s story. (I believe it may be a sequel to an actual, printed book.  Please let me know if we are in violation of any trademark laws. Clearly, Lulu gets around – Lex Vegas, even)!

Lulu Got a Blister

by Tree Laughy

Lulu got a blister. She didn’t wear socks with her shoes. She was running with her shoes and she ran into a post of wood and she fell and that’s how she got a blister.


Her mommy and daddy took care of her.  She’s a girl, okay? Then it burned so much she felt like she was going to cry. Then her mommy and daddy put her to bed.


It healed a little bit and then her mommy and daddy came in and put a band-aid on her blister. Then, after that, she felt better and didn’t feel like she was going to cry. She just tried again. That time, she put socks on.


Then what happened is they drove to Legoland.

And drove to Lex Vegas!

And then they went to Costco.


Her blister was healing with the band-aid on it. Then, they rinsed her blister with some cold water and then it was all better.  And that’s it!


The following is a detailed documentation of the blister. Presumably for Lulu’s medical chart, or possibly future action against the wooden post.

The blue is her leg, and the gold is the band-aid.


Morals of the story:

1) Wear socks.

2) Try, try again.

3) When you’re feeling blue, put a band-aid on it. Then go to Vegas.


  1. I love your story and its morals, Son, I mean, Mr Laughy. I am very proud of your first work and am excited for the upcoming stories.

  2. Dear Mr. Tree Laughy,
    I am writing to say that I like your story about Lulu very much. You are a good writer, just like your Mom. Love, Encelia

  3. I love it! I’m applying band-aids now and my bag is packed…

Thanks for reading. Now, do some writing! Leave a comment!

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