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Posted on Jan 26, 2013 | 1 comment

Hawaiian Pancakes

Hawaiian Pancakes

What do you do when your kids are asking for cookies for breakfast? Sigh a heavy sigh of despair, then, set about making the next best thing to breakfast cookies: pancakes!

Next, go to the kitchen, discover you are out of maple syrup, or anything you could mash together to make any semblance of fruit syrup. Normally, you just use warmed applesauce, but you are even out of that.  (Note to self: go to store!!)

Create new plan for syrup:

Gently heat a cup or so of honey, then turn off the flame. Spoon in a couple tablespoons of coconut oil (it will melt easily in the residual heat).  Put in a splash of lemon juice. Add a few drops of vanilla extract.  You’re out, like me? Add a few drops of almond extract. Even better. Notice a theme coming together. Start humming Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho.


Next, slice some bananas and set aside.

Time to mix up your pancake batter.  I use this one by Fannie Farmer (minus the sugar, and using half white flour and half whole wheat flour, and full fat milk).  I mix up a few servings of the dry ingredients and keep it in a glass jar for when the “dessert for breakfast” campaign really ramps up.  If you want gluten free, I really, really like Pamela’s brand.

Heat some more coconut oil in your well seasoned cast iron pan.  Pour in your pancake batter. If your sizes are uneven, simply proclaim the small ones “baby” pancakes.

Lightly press the banana slices into the batter.


When golden on one side, flip. The bananas on the bottom will caramelize and turn a sticky golden brown.


When the pancakes are done, keep them warm in the oven set to its lowest setting.


When you’re ready to serve, put the pancakes in a shallow bowl and add a dab of butter to the top.  Spoon the warm “syrup” over the top and even cold butter will melt down the sides like it does in those commercials.  I just learned this trick and I feel really special. Join me.



Sprinkle some toasted coconut over the top if you’ve got it.  Or, finely chopped nuts. Or, as I did, some sucanat crystals for a bit of crunch. Even brown sugar would be fab, and who doesn’t have that? Hello? Bueller??



Serve this plate of odds and ends to your sweets-craving family, and declare it Hawaiian Pancakes!


For good measure, click here and turn your speakers up loud.

A note about coconut oil.  This stuff is so good for you, it’s kind of amazing, considering how tasty it is.  Get unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil.  Order online from someplace like and you can get some pretty good deals.  I order a big tub of it, which is why I had some on hand today. (Note to self: go to store and buy in bulk!!)





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  1. The caramelized bananas look so good!

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