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Posted on Jan 9, 2013 | 1 comment

It’s a Date!

It’s a Date!

First thing every morning, before I can even reach my coffee maker, I am met with demands for Breakfast!?!? And, first thing every morning, I think: I gotta put the coffee maker in my bedroom.

Next, I think: what can I make for breakfast that:

1) the kids will eat,

2) is nutritious, and

3) is actually in the house.

#1 is easier if the little gourmands haven’t had it in a while. The harder part is coming up with a large enough variety to be interesting.  Our current rotation of eggs, oatmeal, and waffles just isn’t big enough.  Although, come to think of it, they’ve never turned down a waffle.  I think I’ll need to work on a homemade, super pumped up version of waffles that I can keep in my freezer.  But that’s another goal for another post.

Today, I happened upon the Vitamix recipe book that came with my blender.  I haven’t opened the thing in three years.  Suddenly, all kinds of new and delectable recipes are calling to me.  This morning, I gave Raisin Almond Breakfast Spread a whirl.


And, since I can’t leave well enough alone, I messed with it.  It turned out GREAT!  The kids ate up, asked for seconds, then asked for thirds. Thirds!

IMG_7397As you can see, the recipe is very flexible to add in, or take out, however you want to take care of #2 above (the pesky nutrition part). You could easily add in chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut oil, or whatever else you want. My kids get that madness in their daily smoothie, so I gave ’em a break with this one.  Nothing but (regular) seeds, nuts, and fruit. And whatever ginger is (a rhizome? Is that even how you spell that?).  In any case, the ginger is the predominant element in this vibrant set of flavors.


Blend up:

*1-2 T maple syrup (the recipe called for honey but the maple syrup really complemented the dates, I think)
*1 cup raw almonds
*a 2″ cube of fresh ginger (mine was a little bigger. I was fairly brazen with it, to good effect).
*2 T raw sesame seeds
*2/3 c currants or raisins
*7 dates or apricots (I used all dates but all apricots sounds delicious too. If you use apricots, try honey instead of maple syrup).
splash of water (maybe 1/8 cup. Just enough to not explode the blender).


The dates make it really sweet. I may try a tiny splash of lemon juice or zest next time. And a sprinkle of salt.


I spread the mixture on buttered, toasted squaw bread.  I think it would also be great over cream cheese or mascarpone. Or just plain. Or with cheese and wine! Wait, that sort of takes us out of the breakfast realm. But what an interesting idea! I’ll have to explore it, in the interest of thorough reporting.


For the seconds and thirds, I spread it on tart apples.


This was a very different breakfast from our usual and I’m going to work it into the regular rotation, using different variations, depending on #3 above, the most important one (what’s actually in the house).


1 Comment

  1. I am always looking for something new and nutritious and delicious for breakfast, or even something just new and not actively bad for you, so will definitely try this. Wonder how much protein is in a serving.

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