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Posted on Nov 7, 2012 | 0 comments

Let There Be Candlelight!

Let There Be Candlelight!

Tonight, we had candlelight at dinner. It was the first time in three and a half years that we’ve had candlelight at dinner. We’ve been on an open flame ban, due to curious little fingers, for, like, ever.

Tonight, the adult-to-child ratio was good (2:1), so I felt safe-ish. I took a gamble, put four small tea lights in the center of the table, and instructed the three other adults to be alert. I’m possibly not the most gracious hostess, imposing such an instruction on my guests, but I was just so enticed by the glowing possibilities that I couldn’t resist. And they were family, so…it’s okay, right?

I’m a huge fan of mood lighting, so the fact that we had that treasured warm glow, and no need for the fire department or Urgent Care is a very big, exciting deal for me. Is this the sweet, small beginning of entertaining in style again?




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