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Posted on Apr 14, 2016 | 0 comments

Life Goes On – In the Garden

Life Goes On – In the Garden

Like most of botany and other life sciences, this is simultaneously super cool and gross.

With one question (“Which are the girl flowers and which are the boy flowers?”) we were launched into learning about the reproductive life of squash today. Very interesting and sooooo, uh, familiar. Ahem. And with the added delight of edible ovaries and stuff! (Squash = ovary. Yep. I said it was gross!)

Here’s an enlightening explanation of the birds and bees and pistils and stamens, in case your little farmers ask you any questions about their Halloween pumpkins you wish you had answers to. Just try not to blush as you tell them.

And if your squash plants are taking off but you don’t love squash, just eat the flowers. Here’s a fantastic recipe that is shockingly easy. No stuffing, no deep frying. I even eliminated the cheese from the batter so it’s just a few ingredients. Save any extra batter for the next day and it still turns out great.

We’ve been doing this daily and marveling at how eating a flower can be a life changing pleasure. I’m told you can also put the flowers in quesadillas or in a cream soup. Maybe after a month of eating them fried, I’ll try those other sucker ideas. Ha.


Here’s our squash garden / mud brick factory / Big Hole Dig (those real bricks are stacked in a hole a foot deep). All we did to get this bounty was smash up two mini round pumpkins with shovels and sorta bury them in the topsoil. Then we forgot about them. It rained a couple of times. And, voila! A farm for brown thumbs.

squash blossoms - life goes on in the garden - sand and table


Our first harvest. I was so excited there was one for each us. I had no idea the pounds that would come after (hooray!).

squash blossoms - life goes on in the garden - sand and table


Deep fry your squash blossoms? No way! Repeat after me: pan fry. Pan fryyyyy. 2 minutes per side. Done.
That’s coconut oil, by the way.

squash blossoms - life goes on in the garden - sand and table


Pretty as a picture. And a handy little life lesson, to boot!

squash blossoms - life goes on in the garden - sand and table

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