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Posted on Apr 3, 2013 | 0 comments

Makin’ Bacon

Makin’ Bacon

I am not one to shy away from real cooking, even for breakfast. It’s one of the pleasures of not zipping out to an office every morning. (The hardest part is getting the little critters to wait patiently while it cooks). I’ll mix up some muffins, or cook hot cereal, or even fry bacon and eggs. My family can go through an entire package of bacon at one sitting, and I save the grease, so, besides the splattered stove, there’s not much to clean up.

Not knowing what I was missing, I stumbled upon this little package of happiness at Trader Joe’s yesterday. It’s pre-cooked bacon that happens to be nitrite and nitrate-free.


The package was so light, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting. Turns out, cooked bacon weighs a lot less than raw bacon. This is what it looked like, out of the package. It browned a tiny bit more as it heated in the pan.


I have to say, this really did save me a lot of time. A LOT!  It was SO fast and easy, I venture to say working people everywhere have just found the key to a hot breakfast in a snap. It only took a couple – literally no more than two – minutes on both sides to heat up. And there was hardly any grease at all. Just a swipe of the cast iron pan with a towel and it was clean.

No dealing with rubbery raw bacon, no jamming the pieces in to make more fit in one batch, no draining. Just heat and eat.

Good morning!

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