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Posted on Mar 1, 2015 | 0 comments

March Homeschool Themes

March Homeschool Themes

This month in kindergarten, we are learning about spring, St. Patrick, shamrocks, the number three, green, emeralds and gold, rainbows, the letters P, R, S and T, sheep/wool, potatoes, Ireland, and the wind. Here’s a drawing of all our themes of the month. (See if you can spot all the 3s and the letters!)

This month’s yoga pose is Cloud pose. We lie on our backs, imagining a puffy cloud bed. As the days go by, we add components: Breathe in and out and become the “wind.” Tense our muscles as hard as we can, one by one, then relax, becoming soft as a cloud. Carrying over last month’s “water/rain” theme, imagining our cloud is dropping raindrops down to earth. We talk about the part clouds and air play in the water cycle.

We continue to do art, sing songs, go on nature hikes looking for things in the shapes of the letters of the week, tell stories (leprechauns, luck, and spring time), cook (Irish Soda Bread, green tea shamrock shakes, potato dishes), and play outdoors – the more dirt, the better.

I have compiled a bunch of activity ideas on my Pinterest boards for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring.

Mom and Dad also continue to learn: The Chalkboard Artist Formerly Known As Cute Banker has learned since drawing this that rainbows go like this: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. Not ever having been a 6th grade girl, he was not familiar with this essential part of tween female life along with unicorns, sparkly stickers, flavored lipgloss and everything purple.


I will continue to update this post as we flesh out the month.

Happy Spring and “Good Luck!

Thanks for reading. Now, do some writing! Leave a comment!

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