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Hi, I’m Michelle.  I’m a happy housewife, a spectacularly underachieving homemaker, and an occasionally successful mommy. I still strive to achieve Fabulous and, every now and then, I make it. More often, I spend my time cleaning up poop, both baby and cat.

I’m raising two little boys in my pseudo-country suburb, while my awesome husband goes out and hunts and gathers for us (sorta. He works in a bank). Homemaking is the career I always wanted, and my boys are delightful (20% of the time). But it’s So Not What I Expected. It’s way, way worse.

I’ve gotten lost in the needs, swallowed up by napless children, pleas for Mommy!, and the general shock at how unrelenting it is. But I’m working my way back, one semi-fabulous dinner party at a time. Join me!

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  1. You’re darling! 🙂

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