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Posted on Feb 14, 2013 | 1 comment

Moving In and Moving On?

Moving In and Moving On?

Cute Banker and I have a date this weekend.  Not a romantic, flowery, chocolatey Valentine celebration. What fun is that? No, I’m looking forward to something much more exciting: organizing the garage!

My grandmother always says it takes a year to fully move in to a new house. You’ve got to live in a house for a while to discover how it works for you. From finding the perfect window treatments, to arranging all the furniture in the most pleasing and functional way, to organizing the last cabinet under the guest bathroom sink, it takes a year. I have always found that to be true with two exceptions:

1) Schedule a housewarming party three months from your move-in date and you will be amazed at your decorating speed.

2) Have one or more small children and you will be stunned by your decorating slowness.

I believe that for every child under four, you need an additional year to get your house together.  I have two of those, and I’m into my second year of trying to unpack, sort, and clear out.  I haven’t even attempted to find art for the walls or locate an acceptable console table for our entryway. (Click here for an update to our entryway issue). I’m always too busy wrangling Food, Mud, and other forms of Liquid Too Disturbing To Mention.

But, this weekend, we are beginning to clear out the garage to make room for our cars.  (All the ice on them in the mornings has motivated this little burst of ambition). And, we are attempting to do this with the above-mentioned little people amidst our feet.  No babysitting. Wish us luck.

Now, the $333,280 (the approximate cost of raising a child today) question is: when I come across the stored baby gear, will I keep it or give it away?


1 Comment

  1. Funny, looks like our garage. However we have motorcycle parts instead of baby gear!

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