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avatar_7411 I don’t have a hook.

I didn’t cook my way through Julia Child every day for a year (why didn’t I think of that?!). I’m not fabulously chic (I used to be, 12 years ago, for about four months). I do not have some wildly successful Etsy shop full of extraordinary handmade items. A lot of times, keeping the kids alive is my main accomplishment of the day.

But I have a lot to say.  A LOT.  I’m a parent, cook, home manager, host, occasional runner, occasional wine-sipping and Downton Abbey-watching couch potato, writer, wife, homeschooler and Chief Poop Cleaner – not at all in that order. Let’s chat.

What the heck does Sand and Table mean, anyway?

The sand and table are the balance between having kids and gracious living. Usually, it means plunking a meal down, pouring a glass of wine, and making the most of it, even though your floor is dirty.

The sand reminds me that beauty can break through a bleak landscape: buried treasure, a sandcastle, the cheerful orange poppies that spring from seemingly desolate terrain.

The table holds everything I wish life to be: home, family, entertaining, generosity, elegance…food!

Pull up a chair and join me!


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  1. You’re a great writer!!!

    • You’re a great reader! My favorite kind: the kind who leaves compliments! 🙂

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