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Posted on Apr 6, 2013 | 0 comments

My Favorite Podcasts About Food, Part 1 (The Appetizer)

My Favorite Podcasts About Food, Part 1 (The Appetizer)

040705 57 art in dining room 1_2

One of the highest forms of entertainment in my world is dining.  I love to become immersed in a meal as glasses clink over a delectable appetizer and emerge hours later over a small, strong coffee as I reflect, dreamily, on the glorious show I just experienced.

It’s an adventure being escorted through the ups and downs of the various courses by a different wine for each. I love the drama, the timing, the exhilaration of a perfectly executed dish, especially one new to my palate.



Experiencing the combinations of flavors and textures as music, ambience, and conversation weave in and out of view is like living within the art. You’re entertained by it, but you’re a part of it too. It wouldn’t be the same without you.



When you taste something extraordinary and share the experience with a friend, it’s a thrilling thing.

040703 18 Birthday Girl


Being all dressed up somehow makes witty things pour from your mouth, and everyone else seems more fascinating too. I love great food, great company, great atmosphere, and the theater of it all. In other words: I love to Dine.

309 the alley


One of the first things that attracted me to Cute Banker was that he was equally happy with his knees under a white tablecloth or a picnic table. He will tell you he was attracted to me by the fact that I ate three hot dogs at one party. I don’t discriminate between high-falutin’ food or peasant food. If it’s great, I want it. I want to eat it, I want to cook it, I want to share it.



I’m passionate about the restaurant world, and I dearly enjoy being entertained by friends in their homes, but I also love creating in my own kitchen. I always dreamed of being the mom baking the cookies when my kids got home from school. It was an aspiration to me, to provide delicious and comforting plates and bowls of welcoming food to my family.



And I love a dinner party. Grown-up, yes! Fussy, no. If people want to eat their rosemary salt-crusted lamb chops with their fingers, fantastic. I’m glad they feel comfortable to dig in and enjoy.

IMG_1002   IMG_0456


I think it’s the most fun possible to be the hostess with the mostess and pass a tray of insanely addictive appetizers to friends, old and new, drawing people together with food. It’s fun to orchestrate an evening of culinary experiences based on what you think your guests will like.

I like to start with a star cocktail to welcome, and a tiny, salty, surprising appetizer to encourage conversation.

I try to nestle the quieter courses between the commanding, the respite between the intense. I enjoy creating a menu that balances hot and cold, savory and sweet, crispy and yielding, and whose notes are timed throughout the night like a song.



Between bites, there are stories and camaraderie as we travel the evening together, turning our attention to the food and then to one another.

300 candlelight


Finally, a refreshing, acidic palate cleanser, or an outrageous, unexpected, magnificently grand dessert.

And please. Don’t forget the coffee.

Now, that’s drama!

IMG_0594 Edited


When I can’t do, I listen. And I plan. And I dream.

Tomorrow, I’ll post a list of my three favorite podcasts about food!

Thanks for reading. Now, do some writing! Leave a comment!

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