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Posted on Aug 24, 2013 | 0 comments

My Favorite Podcasts, Part 4: Podcasts About Parenting

My Favorite Podcasts, Part 4: Podcasts About Parenting

If you’re just joining us, this is my fourth post in a series called My Favorite Podcasts. You may be interested in Podcasts About Food (Parts One and Two), and Podcasts About Language too!


These are two of my favorite Podcasts About Parenting.




Plug them in while you’re doing your recommended 30-minutes of cardio a day and you’ll return centered and focused for the rest of the day.  Well, at least until your kids derail you. But you’ll feel so refreshed, you’ll be able to handle it.



1) Aha! Parenting

This lady can always bring me back from the edge of the parenting cliff. Dr. Laura Markham calmly lets the air out of my brewing temper tantrum (why do everyone else’s kids take naps but mine doesn’t?? It’s not FAIR!!! Ahem.). I like her because she thinks my kids (all kids) are great and treats them like the human beings I know they are capable of being (as opposed to, say, wild monkeys, which they sometimes appear to be). She raises my parenting bar in a lovely, supportive, and, importantly, clearly directed way (theory is nice, but what do I do, please).

You can download episodes of Dr. Markham’s radio show from her website.



2) Pregtastic

A fun, cooperative, supportive show that gives information about a vast range of topics for new parents.  No judgment, just info – celebration even – and personal stories told by pregnant moms or new parents. No matter what your style, you’ll learn just what’s out there (so much!), and be accepted for what you choose for your own family.

Note: Cute Banker found this one for me and it’s the reason I used cloth diapers for seven months, for better or worse. So, be prepared to try things you never in this life thought you’d do. These ladies just make you feel like you can. If you want to.




What are your favorite podcasts?



Thanks for reading. Now, do some writing! Leave a comment!

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