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Posted on Apr 30, 2013 | 0 comments

My Favorite Things, by “Tree Laughy”

My Favorite Things, by “Tree Laughy”

My three-year-old is about to be four. Every day, he’s less a baby and more a boy. His sweet little face, when silent or sleeping, is still baby. But when he opens his mouth, to explain String Theory to me or what an asteroid is or something, I can’t deny he’s growing up. Fast.

To help me cope, I am recording some of his favorite things so I can always remember them. I hope you enjoy them. Maybe they will bring back memories for you. Maybe they will inspire you to ask your kiddo what his favorite things are. Maybe they will highlight how, um, unexpected my son’s musical choices are. Or his budding obsession with Legoland. In any case, here is a list of his Favorite Things.

Animal: Elephant

Colors: 1) Purple 2) Elephant Gray

Food: Enchiladas

Book: Lulu Got a Blister, by Tree Laughy

Song: Good King Wenceslas

Thing To Do Inside: Fort

Thing To Do Outside: Play in the water and mud.

Thing To Do at Nana’s: Play with the trains.

Thing To Do at Grandma and Grandpa’s: They used to have trains!

Thing To Do with Grandpa Bees: Play with the trains we have here.
Have you done that with Grandpa Bees? No.

Thing To Do with Grandpa Bees That I’ve Actually Done: Build a bike.

Thing I Make with Mommy: Granola Bars

Place: Legoland (he’s been there once)

Place where Mommy takes me while Daddy’s at work: Legoland (Mommy has never taken him there. Perhaps this is some sort of hint).

Fruit: 1) Strawberry 2) Blueberry

Holiday: Berry.
What do you do on Berry? You gather berries.

Toy: Santa Costume

Sea Creature: Shark

Bug: Every kind of bug!

Vegetable: Broccoli. Sometimes I’m a fan of it; sometimes I’m not.

Place to Hike: I like to hike around Legoland.


I’m thinking I might have an idea where to spend his upcoming birthday.


Thanks for reading. Now, do some writing! Leave a comment!

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