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Posted on Jan 7, 2013 | 0 comments

My Favorite Things (Today)

My Favorite Things (Today)

There is nothing in life more fun than a new cookbook!



Add a comfy place to sit, a blankie, and someone to entertain my vermin so I can read the thing in peace, and it’s Heaven.

While I’m at it, this also makes me happy: the fact that our weed patch has suddenly gone from scary, prickly brown to lush green (green weeds, but…still) without so much as one new seed of grass introduced by us, the terminally too-busy-to-bother-with-lanscaping people. Except that gaping dirt hole. My kids are never too busy to contribute a gaping dirt hole.



This little crew is also one of my very, most favorite things. Especially while engaged in home improvement activities. (Is it too much to hope that unassuming little avocado pit will evolve into a great, shady, fruit producing tree? Well, it’s a start to our landscaping efforts.)



These rusty old chairs are suddenly an inviting place to be, thanks to their new, green surroundings.



This pinot grigio kind of embodies today’s weather: crisp and sunny.



God bless the rain. And Jaime Oliver. And my crafty, kid-loving Cute Banker.


These are a few of my favorite things.

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