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Posted on Apr 5, 2013 | 1 comment

My Secret Fantasy

My Secret Fantasy

I have a fantasy about working in a bakery.

medium_6797718511 photo credit: Nathan Wind as Cochese via photopin cc


The kind where you can walk up while it’s still dark and they already have trays and trays of bread and pan dulce ready for you, along with fresh coffee and ice cold milk in the little cooler.

medium_19029519 photo credit: Paco Photo via photopin cc


I have a dream of waking up so early it’s almost still night. I bundle up, get on the road, and put on my favorite podcast. As I drive, I see the lights of the city still twinkling. It’s freezing cold but the bakery soon gets steamy.

medium_4673134156 photo credit: bilobicles bag via photopin cc


By daybreak, we’ve kneaded and stirred and shaped and baked until the shelves are bursting with warm, yeasty, sustaining goodies.

medium_3887968541 photo credit: gabofr via photopin cc


I’m on the first morning crew, done with my shift by the time most people are getting to work. I step outside and fill my lungs with the cool early air. The morning is mine.

As long as we’re dreaming, Cute Banker takes the kids to school so, by the time I get home, I get the house to myself. I’ve already put in a day’s work, but the day is still just beginning, and I’m free to shape my time as I please.

medium_7804708408 photo credit: moverelbigote via photopin cc




medium_3548894880 photo credit: M.Orellana via photopin cc

Or awesome?!

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  1. Awesome!!! Love everything about this

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