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Posted on Mar 20, 2013 | 0 comments

Playroom (One For the Kids and One For the Grown-Ups!)

Playroom (One For the Kids and One For the Grown-Ups!)

Having houseguests is great for home decor. You rearrange things for them and when you put them back, you can end up with entirely different rooms. This is what happened when my dad came to stay this week. This was particularly useful for us, since we are on year two of moving in to our house.

My dad stayed in our office. One night, as Cute Banker and I were sitting on the couch, looking at the toys in the living room – our living room, the grown-up space – we thought: Hey! Why not move the office stuff out here and put alllll the kids stuff in the room?

It took care of two issues: 1) having a visually calming adult space (while simultaneously giving the kids their own space), and 2) filling up a huge empty wall in the living room. Cute Banker and I were starting to feel like college students, with no art on the giant wall, and no clue how to fill it up. I think this worked out rather nicely!

As is typical of these life-altering projects, we began around 9:00 at night. Hence, we didn’t really have a chance to take before pictures. But here are the afters!

New Kids’ Playroom:

Waldorf-inspired play stands and rainbow play silk.


The play stands had been assembled into one big arch in this corner of our living room. You can see why we love the new arrangement four million times better.

We pulled the play kitchen in from the garage and added a kids’ chair (which was their godmother’s) from the living room.

A new little toy sorter at the kids’ level. This was still in the packaging, in storage. I bought it because I loved the colors but it doesn’t go with their bedroom. Now, it has a place.

The chest is full of former Halloween costumes that may or may not still fit, but are still beloved.

This great rug (it has everything from a hotel to a volcano) was also in the garage. Now it’s ready to take the boys wherever they want to go.


And the easel moved into its new, permanent home, ready when inspiration strikes.


New Office and Living Space:


My new cozy desk area.

Now, Cute Banker and I can be in the same room while one of us is on the computer and the other is watching tv on the couch, or even eating at the dining room table.

The desk chair is tucked just off to the side when not in use. IMG_8843

My cookbooks are closer to the kitchen now! IMG_8848


The view as you walk in the front door.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading. Now, do some writing! Leave a comment!

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