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Posted on Sep 2, 2014 | 1 comment

Six Surprising Things I Learned on My Child’s First Day of Kindergarten

Six Surprising Things I Learned on My Child’s First Day of Kindergarten

My sweet, tiny infant has gone and done it. He’s grown up! He’s a full-fledged school boy now, aged 5 1/3. Since he’s been with me from the second of his conception, I was a wee bit worried how he was going to handle leaving home and going to school. Okay, I was frantic to the point of crazy eyes and a nervous tick how I was going to handle it.


Here are six surprising things I learned, on my son’s first day of school. Ever.


Apple for the Teacher - Sand and Table


1) It IS a good idea to make pancakes in the complicated shape of Mickey Mouse (with blueberries for eyes, please!) on the busy, bustling, all-important First Day of Kindergarten, no matter what any reasonable person says about cereal.


2) It is a good idea to get up 15 minutes earlier than you think you should, in order to accomplish #1 above. It is also a fair plan to serve each person ONE Mickey Mouse pancake and all further helpings will be in the weird semi-circular blob shapes you normally make.


3) You can take “first day” pictures after school, too. There’s no rule the shot you send out to Grandma has to be taken in the frenetic, fraught early minutes. After school, Junior is much more likely to be relaxed and he’ll even have some things to show you (including, if you’re lucky, a smile!).


4) For the love of God, people, remember your sunglasses. Scaring the other children with your Ugly Cry only adds to your stress.


5) You are not ready for your sweet, precious baby to go to school. That is Okay.


6) Your sweet, precious baby is ready.



I’m thrilled to report that it took three days of ups and downs, and three new friends made. Our little / big guy now loves school. He can’t wait to put on his backpack in the morning and he forgets to say goodbye as I leave the classroom. Nothing so sad has ever made me so happy.

1 Comment

  1. Noooo! How is he so big already? The same thing is happening here, and I’m telling you, this madness must end! My baby!
    Miss you guys…XO

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