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Posted on Sep 15, 2013 | 2 comments

So I Think I Can Dance

So I Think I Can Dance

I’m going to die. The closer I get to it, the more I believe it might be true. Yes, this realization may be somber, but it’s also motivating. It also makes me somewhat delusional.

I was watching So You Think You Can Dance the other night, and I thought to myself: I can do that! In fact, I must do that!

I Googled “Adult Dance.” I perused the startling content involving lucite stripper heels and in-home pole installation for a moment, and clicked “Back.”

I Googled “Adult JAZZ Dance.” I found a little studio right down the street! Then, I conducted some essential recognizance before showing up with my my old-lady, mother-of-two self:


Dance Studio: Hello?

Me: silence

Dance Studio: Hello??

Me: Um, do you have adult dance classes?

DS: Yes!

Me: Okay…so, um, how “Adult” are we talking here? A bunch of 18-year-old “adults,” or do you go truly geriatric?

DS: Well, I’m 38 and I’m in the class, so that’s pretty old.

Me: Yeah. I remember thinking that too, when I was your tender age.

DS: Okay…

Me: So, what do the young kids wear these days in dance class?

DS: I wear yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Me: Score!

DS: And jazz boots.

Me: Cool! Wait, boots? I have jazz shoes.

DS: Yeah, no. They don’t use those old lace-up ones anymore.

Me: Oh. Right. No, of course not. Pshh. How dumb would that be.

DS: Totally.


Despite this dubious conversation, I pressed on. Being elderly does have its benefits. For example, it gives you the chutzpah to do something new even though you will possibly (probably) stand out like a sore thumb. There will be bright lights and lots of more experienced eyes upon me. But, since I’m gonna die anyway, I figure, it’s now or NEVER. And, I just can’t let that happen. Because. I. Must. Dance. Or, at least flail about, joyously, in pseudo-rhythm.


So, basically, what I’m hesitant to commit to in writing here is that..I just signed up for dance class.

photo credit: universityymca via photopin cc


Hold me, people.

(To find out how it went, click here.)


  1. You are gonna have so much new neuron chatter your brain will buzz. “Left foot, move! No, not that way, this way! Wait…you’re too late. Quick, do a grapevine step. Well done!”

    • I hope it will push back my old-age dementia.

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