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Posted on Feb 27, 2014 | 3 comments

A Storm Is A-Comin! Rainy Day Art

A Storm Is A-Comin! Rainy Day Art

Happy Rainy Weekend, Southern California!



Yes, that is a sentence worthy of All Caps. DSCN8785


We’re having our second rain storm of the winter. Normally we’d be on our fourth or fifth.

And, by “rain storm,” of course I mean 1/4″ of light showers.



But, still, it is a reason to celebrate. And a reason to do rainy day art projects!



This artsy little umbrella is decidedly NOT within my normal parameters of easy/fast/ridiculously simple.

But, I saw it on Pinterest (naturally), and just HAD to do it. Something about those glistening rain drops charmed me to such a degree I had to have some for my very own. (Kids are such a great excuse to extend one’s own childhood, aren’t they?)



Thanks to Mama Jen for the idea. Click on her site for step-by-step pictures.

Mama Jen is a scissors savant or something because she just freehanded the umbrellas. I took an hour and lots of equipment to get these. I penciled out some rough pictures of the umbrella and a separate handle, cleaned up the lines (I got out bowls and rulers and was kind of a maniac about it), then traced them on construction paper. The kids chose the colors. Then, I cut them out. (If you are less of a maniac, it would be nice to let your kids have a turn, too. I’ll need to speak with myself about that.)

The kids glued the umbrellas and handles, then smashed them down onto the paper.

After all the prep work was done, all that was required was for little hands to apply regular old Elmer’s glue (!) to make the rain drops. You may be concerned that preschoolers will apply too much glue, but, here, that is actually an asset. Fat little glue drops make really great rain. For the smallest artists, hold their hands to guide placement of the drops, but let them do all the squeezing.

After putting all the glue drops on, make a big deal about what’s coming next, then immediately hold up the paper. After about a half second, the drops start to slowly fall; it starts to RAIN! My four-year-old squealed and later said it was his favorite part of the day. It was truly a little thrill of my day, too. I can see, if things ever get a little dull around here (yeah, right), I will be casually dropping some glue on paper and watching it rain again. It was really fun.

Hang them up, and watch the rain continue to fall. In a couple hours, it will have gone from white to clear. It starts out looking like snow, but dries looking like rain. And those bright umbrellas are a cheerful backdrop in any kind of weather.

We hung them up last night, so the “snow” turned to “rain” overnight, at just the same time it started to really rain outside. Awesome.



Let it rain!



  1. Crafty… love the umbrellas!☔

  2. How cheery and perfect for a wonderful rainy day like today.

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