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Posted on Dec 26, 2012 | 1 comment

Table Scraps

Table Scraps

“Shabby chic” is an oxymoron I haven’t always been able to muster much enthusiasm for.  I’ve leaned decidedly more toward the solidly “chic” category. But, tastes, times, and circumstances can alter preferences, even aesthetic ones.  These days, I’m looking more hopefully at estate sales, hand-me-downs, and even, gasp, do-it-yourself.

It was nice and timely that I saw Martha Stewart talking about this new centerpiece idea.  My family was due for Christmas brunch, I was up to my elbows in empanadas for Cute Banker’s family celebration, and I have two tiny humans living amongst my ankles.  Thus, I was running a wee bit late.

When my sweet grandma came in and offered to help, I choked down my natural response to shove a glass in her hand, and firmly point her in the direction of the couch.  I handed her a tray of a homeless Christmas ornaments, had Cute Banker bring in the last box from our move a year ago, and unpacked some wine glasses.

I also managed to scavenge some votive candles from the patio, and the garage, and that bookcase down the hall, and, voila! A festive centerpiece!


Note: this is an actual representation of our last-minute holiday table.

The glasses were not freshly polished.


The candles were not new.


The ornaments were not always in one piece.


And my pre-schooler helped with the arrangement.


But it was a family effort, made with materials found in our home.  These days, for me, it was what the holidays are all about.


 And everything looks better by candlelight.





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  1. I love this!! I’m gonna copy this!!

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