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Posted on Jan 24, 2013 | 5 comments

Where Have I Been All My Life? Part 2

Where Have I Been All My Life? Part 2

In my one-week quest to rejoin the hipster world, if only briefly, I enjoyed another outing today (two in one week!).  This time, the backdrop was coffee. Not just coffee, but coffee culture. If I had time to indulge my most unessential passion, I would become a coffee connoisseur.  I was asked a question on a quiz once: What’s your favorite beverage? After a heroic battle with wine, coffee triumphed. I can’t imagine enjoying those quiet moments at dawn, when the possibilities of the entire day lay ahead, without a steaming mug of strong coffee warming my hands. As it rises up, the steam molds a hopeful smile onto my face and fortifies me as I emerge into full, enthusiastic consciousness.  Besides that, it tastes good! I, in my former life, listened to a coffee podcast to learn the tiniest intricacies of the bean, from farm to roaster to cup. It was, at once, absurdly specific and undeniably intriguing.  Did you know they have worldwide barista competitions? I mean,...

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