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Posted on Oct 21, 2012 | 0 comments

Last Year’s Halloween Costume

Last Year’s Halloween Costume

  Yes, I am that mom. I like to coordinate my kids’ outfits. It’s one of the benefits of having had my kids, both boys, so close together. I don’t completely match them – I leave that to their grandma who lets me blame her for it – but I coordinate them so they “go together.” One day, they will rise up against this affront to their individuality and manhood but, for now, they are my little peas in a pod, in complementary shades of green. Take Halloween. Their first Halloween together, they were a firefighter and a Dalmatian. Seriously, could you die?  SO cute.  My oldest son happened to be over the edge about All Things Fireman at that point, so it naturally flowed from that. It was adorable. This year, he would not, could not, be tempted to repeat the duo, no matter what good shape those costumes were in, or how cost-effective it was (are those not three-year-old priorities? Oh, well).  As a result, I had...

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