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Posted on Mar 26, 2013 | 5 comments

Name Nerd

Name Nerd

I am a certifiable name nerd. I am obsessed with names. Names for people, names of cities, flowers, appliances, characters in books. I am similarly fascinated by word etymology of all kinds, but it started with names. I thought I was the only weirdo in the whole world with this affliction until Beyond Jennifer and Jason: The Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby was published. (Don’t ask me how I knew about that book long before I had my own kids. I told you: name nerd). The title struck me as so thoroughly right on: there were twelve thousand (or so) Jennifers and Jasons in my cohort and it was time to move on. Joy of joys, my kindred authors, Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz published an updated version, Beyond Madison and Montana: What to Name Your Baby Now (because name styles evolve, and you must keep up!) and, most recently, Beyond Ava and Aiden. Judging by how many Madisons have little brothers named Aiden (and parents called Jennifer...

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