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Posted on Feb 21, 2013 | 0 comments

Winter Waves

Winter Waves

A morning outing with my crew involves a lot of strategic planning and outwitting of foreign intelligence. I group our activities within walking distance of each other to achieve minimal car seat wrangling, and plan the longest car ride at the end so they fall asleep on the way home.  An ideal itinerary hits several notes: one errand for me, one play activity for them, a mutual necessity like eating, and, finally, a win-win-win scenario: two sleeping children and one relieved mama. Altogether, these things need to be completed by noon. The pentagon would be glad to have me. As I have rekindled my dedication to getting those tiny darlings with big personalities and matching opinions out of the house, because life is just better that way, I took the kiddos to the pier. It was in the same general area as my chiropractor which fit nicely into both the “errand” and “mutual necessity” categories. Two for one! Hey, I told you I get excited about organization. And the...

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