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Posted on Dec 28, 2012 | 0 comments

The Grossest Looking, Best Tasting Smoothie

The Grossest Looking, Best Tasting Smoothie

I was afraid.  Really afraid.  And I’m not squeamish about food.



When Cute Banker presented me with this morning’s smoothie, I was a little taken aback by it’s utter greenness.



These photos are a little hazy, a little dreamy.  Not because I’m such an expert with the iPhone camera, but because 1) it, like all photos that turn out well, it was a happy accident of technology, light, and the fact that no short person came along and bumped me, and 2) because this concoction really does taste dreamy!



This photo isn’t to emphasize how much the smoothie looks like grass. It’s to illustrate how tasty it is, in spite of that.

While this smoothie is startlingly palatable, it’s also intensely good for you and likely improves all your senses.  Which is how I can hear you saying how odd it is to take food into your backyard and take pictures of it.



With all the goodies we’ve been ingesting this wonderful holiday season, I thought a little detox was in order.  Theoretically, spirulina personally escorts things like heavy metals and other nasties out of your bod.  So, we picked up a pack and gave it a whirl.  It doesn’t taste offensive at all (how’s that for an appetizing endorsement?) and it is distinctly complemented by raspberries. In fact, if you closed your eyes, you’d think it was a raspberry smoothie. Pink, even.


Give it a try, along with these other good things:

1.5 c orange juice
1.5 c coconut water
half a bunch of kale
1 large carrot, cut into four or five pieces
1 c frozen raspberries, plus a little more
2-3 T chia seeds (optional)
2T spirulina

Cute Banker made this one, but I always put honey and a little sea salt in all my smoothies to enhance the sweetness. In this particular smoothie though, the orange juice and coconut water do fine. We normally don’t use any juice at all, only whole fruit.  But we had some oj leftover from Christmas.  Another happy accident (I’m sensing a theme here).

Makes enough for two adults and two kids (about six cups).  Said kids might even ask for seconds!

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