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Posted on Dec 31, 2013 | 3 comments

Where There’s a Party Hat, There’s a Party!

Where There’s a Party Hat, There’s a Party!

I am not remotely crafty. In fact, I’ve always kind of hated that word, the same way I kind of hate the word “journal” as a verb. I do not “journal” and I certainly do not “craft.”

At least, I thought I didn’t craft (and, if you bring up blogging as journaling, well, I don’t want to talk about that right now). What I have noticed lately is that I am inclined toward artsy (as opposed to crafty) projects with my kids. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that art therapy is a thing, and that my artistic ambitions started after I had small, loud people join my household.

As I sit there, drawing, cutting, tying, painting, taping, re-taping…my mind can wander somewhat. It always snaps back, as very small children don’t need much therapy, but they do seem to need a lot of intervention. Especially where scissors and paint are involved.

The artistic results are not always expected, but they lead to lots of lessons like “make the best of it,” “everybody sees something different and that’s okay,” and “if you don’t have brown but you want to make a mountain, please, for the love of God, just use red and make it a volcano, okay??”.

I understand the journey is the point, and the final destination is almost unimportant. I take that approach with the kids too: they are allowed to do absolutely anything they like with their projects (if there’s enough brown, that is). And I post pictures of them here, as proud as I would be if they were perfect enough to hang in an art gallery. You may have noticed.



Here’s how it went for us today. (Look at my Pinterest board called Birthday for links to some great party hat-making instructions.)

This little paint set was in their stockings this year.



I thought the paints would decorate some New Year’s Eve party hats quite nicely.


Why do little kids press so hard on drawing implements?? I don’t know, but they all do. Then they ask you to grab the bright green bristles to straighten them out again. And again. And again. (I think I need some more art therapy.)


Hi, Zoinks! That’s our kitty. See him? He’s not the least bit interested in art. He’s very zen. (I think he’s also wondering where his food bowl is.)



This is my hat. Simple and sweet (i.e., I don’t feel like decorating this any more because it took way longer than I thought it would). DSCN8214


This is my child’s hat. He painted a sky, some clouds, a man standing with his feet in water, and a volcano (not a mountain. Phew). Notice the volcano appears to have actual lava spewing out the top! Sure, okay, YES, that was on purpose! I’m good like that. Or not. At. All.



This is a versatile project. You can decide whether to wear it as a party hat or a feed bag.DSCN8231


Whatever you decide, it will be fun. A party hat begets a party mood!



If our hats make it that long, we’re going to turn them upside down tonight and fill them with popcorn, move the kids’ mattress into the living room, and watch a movie.


Happy New Year’s Eve, everybody!



The popcorn in party hats was a huge hit. I put parchment paper cones inside and filled them with buttered popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast (hello, it’s still ME) and some M&M’s. We snuggled up on my kid’s mattress that we had pulled into the living room and watched their first full length movie everrrr (A Turtle’s Tale). I think the kids popped brain cells with glee over it all.

Now they’re nestled all snug in their beds, their turtle night lights having taken on new meaning, one kid asleep with a pillow velcroed to his back (his turtle shell, naturally). Happy New Year!








  1. Looking forward to my grandson’s fifth birthday. This year will be a family “adults” party (vs. a boatload of friends), and we are dedicated to making it fun. With your inspiration I think each adult can make a hat and then it will be photo time :)) Thanks for great ideas on SandandTable. I smile every time I read your blog.

  2. I laughed out loud a little reading this in a Chinese restaurant, picking up food for the family. It made me smile and made my day.

    • And that made MY day! Thanks for commenting, CB, whoever you are. You sound cute. And…bankerish.

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