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Posted on Apr 8, 2013 | 12 comments

Ultimate Blog Party Post

Ultimate Blog Party Post

You have stumbled into a party. A blogger party. The Ultimate Blog Party #13! It’s a little like an open house. But you can attend in your jammies because you are the only one actually in your house. The point is for bloggers to get to know each other, but everyone is welcome. Trust me, it’s gonna go off.

The cover charge to the party is information. About the blogger. So, here you are: 13 things about me you won’t find in the About Me, About My Blog or Just What In the Heck Does Sand and Table Mean, Anyway? sections.

1) I’ve been blogging since October, 2012.

2) This is the only picture taken of me in in the last six months and it was while I was doing the time-step at Sonic Burger.


3) I secretly want to work in a bakery.

4) I have recently learned I have day-old-guacamole-colored eyes. Gross, but accurate.

5) I generally eat completely organic, but I have an undying obsession with Oreos. And Fritos. And guacamole. And Sonic Burger.

6) I’m left handed.

7) My favorite country in the world is Norway, but that is possibly because I happened to be there during their one week of summer.

8) I already have my next 86 children named.

9) I love camels.

10) My favorite song is “Yeah,” by Usher. I just had to confess that.

11) My favorite movies are “Best In Show,” “Big Night,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “Sideways,” “Gosford Park,” and “Jurassic Park.” (Two very different parks).

12) I spend all my time on my blog. (That one was helpfully contributed by my husband, Cute Banker).

13) My favorite beverage is coffee. Second is wine. Unless it’s later than 9:00 am. Then, it’s wine.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had fun. See you at your place, next!

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    • I did stop by. I interned at a news station! They wanted me to stay and be a news writer but it didn’t pay enough. I thought blogging for free was a better career move – ha ha. Notice my movie list doesn’t include anything from this decade. 😉 Good luck with all your “coming soon” sections!

  1. Hi!! New follower here, I found you on the UBP13! Your blog is absolutely amazing and I am actually going to be opening a bakery soon! I am a new blogger and hope you can come by and follow me at!

    • Keep me posted about your bakery. I will live through you.

  2. Dropping by for some UBP fun with my cup of coffee it’s 8am here in Dubai.

    • Wow, Dubai! Very cool.

  3. Coffee and wine those are my favorite too! I wish I had my next 86 children named. I am due in July and still haven’t figured out my baby boys name! LOL Met you on twitter last night at the UBP13 – Katey 🙂

    • Congratulations! (Both on the baby, and on the baby-naming opportunity). 🙂

  4. You’re a brave woman to dance at Sonic Burger and to have it documented. We have something in common — I also eat entirely organic but can sniff out an Oreo cookie within 5 miles. Visiting from Ultimate Blog Party 2013.

    • It’s all about balance. 🙂

  5. Cute picture!

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