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Posted on Jan 2, 2013 | 0 comments

Stuck On You

Stuck On You


This is is the greatest tip.  If you, like I, have a cast iron pan which refuses to become nonstick, no matter how much butter and oil as you throw at it, you are in for a very satisfying treat.  Here’s a time-saving, material-reducing, and mood-salvaging idea! (I get very excited about cleaning tips.  Like the time a housekeeper gave me some squares of drywall mesh and told me it scrubs tubs like nobody’s business.  I used a lot of exclamation points then, too).

Since I denounced nonstick surfaces, in the name of all that is good and non-toxic, I am left with stainless steel or cast iron pots and pans.  By far, my most used receptacle is a square, un-enameled, cast iron pan that has already been used in three generations that I’m aware of. I use it for everything from meat to veggies to…eggs.  UGH.  Scrambled eggs.  They love my pan as much as I do.  So much that they never want to let go.

I treat that pan like a queen.  Lovingly wipe out crumbs and grease, rinse briefly if I have to, throw ‘er on the fire to dry so she doesn’t rust, and slather her in expensive oils.

Still, she won’t relinquish scrambled eggs.  They just stick like dry, yellow glue.

Until now, I’ve been scraping the pan with my thinnest metal spatula, boiling water in it to loosen the remaining film, and, finally, succumbing to the little green scratcher pad. I am given to understand this only makes my problem worse, scraping off what little seasoning I have managed to keep, but I can’t help it.  The stuff is just hardened on there!

This morning, I had an epiphany.  I was looking at a plastic mesh bag that a bunch of lemons came in.  It looked suspiciously similar to those puffy plastic mesh scrubbers you spend several dollars on at the store.  Maybe those work better than the green ones? Maybe I could make my own? I snipped the bag into hand-sized pieces for easier gripping, and went at the scrambled eggs.


They slid right off!  No scrubbing, no boiling, no frustrated sighing!  Not only that, the scrubber washes up easily.  The egg rinses right out of the holes.  Unlike the green scrubber which pretty much has to be scrapped after one lacto-encounter.

Enjoy, my friends.  Your cast iron now plays well with others. Or, even if it doesn’t, the mess is easier to clean up.


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