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Posted on Jan 21, 2013 | 1 comment

Veggie Tales – Prepping Veggies For the Week

Veggie Tales – Prepping Veggies For the Week

Today was one of those rare and wonderful days when I get to realize how much I miss my kids when they’re away. (Thanks, Mom!) What do I do when I get some time on my hands? Relax and catch up on my shows? Not really. (Okay, yes, I did watch 1.5 episodes of Downton Abbey while eating lunch and folding laundry simultaneously.)



Do I hang around with an adult beverage in my hand? No. Well, okay, yes, Cute Banker and I combined the Vitamix and vodka to great effect. We got our daily servings of vegetables in as we toasted our solitary couplehood.



But do I nap? Pay bills? Clean something?? Nah.

Even in my “time off,” I spend time in my kitchen.  Today, I unloaded three bags of produce, started to push it into the fridge, and thought, “Hey.  The kids are gone.  It’s relatively early in the day.  I have plenty of phone calls to procrastinate.  Why don’t I prep all my veggies for the week?”



You know, that thing organized people are always telling you to do ? Clean and prep your veggies when you bring them home from the store, that way they are ready when you are, blah blah blah.  I hesitated, glancing at a bag of carrots with the tops flopping out of the top.  Today is my “day off.” What better time to give it a try?  If not now, when?

So I, trimmed, washed, dried, wrapped, and labeled All. My. Produce!



I got so excited, I couldn’t even focus my phone – I mean fancy camera.


And, yes, I do reuse those plastic bags. I wouldn’t want to lose the environmental types, now that I’ve finally got the organizational types on my side.


I even saved the trimmings for stock.


It took all day and I’m exhausted.  But making dinner tonight was so easy. I even threw in a few more bits of veggies because they were all ready to go. I can already tell it was worth my time. (Do you like how I stack all my healthy veggies up against my monster supplies of sugar?)



So there’s one thing off my To Do list.  Next item: Don’t throw away 13 bags of washed, rotting produce next week.


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