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Posted on Jun 18, 2013 | 1 comment

What Do You Get a Nonagenarian For Her Birthday?

What Do You Get a Nonagenarian For Her Birthday?

My Grandma is turning 95. She’s my role model in many ways, including her striking long-livedness.

One of my favorite things about her is her joy in being outdoors. For her birthday, she wants to go on a picnic. She selected the entire menu herself, including the directive of “no vegetables.” On your 95th birthday, you’ve earned the right to skip the salad.


For her gift, I chose something inspired by the outdoors that the boys and I could make together; tissue paper flowers. Then, I invited Martha Stewart to teach us how to make them.



The first thing you do for this stunningly impressive gift is you go to the store and buy a pre-assembled cellophane package, complete with pre-cut flowers and instructions so basic, you can practically hear them enunciating verry slowwwwly for you to comprehend them. Then, you mess them up first thing, just to get it out of the way.



The package mainly consists of tissue paper, cut all fancy, and promising to look like a flower at the end of your involvement with it. First, separate each pile of tissue paper into single sheets. Then, notice that the directions do not say to do that. Reassemble the piles.



After you’ve got your piles back together, fold them up, accordion style. They have pre-scored them for you, as a guide. (Even I couldn’t mess this part up).



Place your folded tissue paper, now resembling a layered tongue depressor, over one of the wires that came in your package. Fold the wire in half over the paper.






Now, your little ones can get involved. Have them very, very gently, oh it doesn’t matter if some of the pieces get torn, right?, separate the papers and kind of fluff them up.



Here’s one flower, half-fluffed.



I can claim a tiny bit of creativity here, because I added these floral wires to resemble stems. I just twisted the wires from the flower package around the stems, and they held. I may go back later and add some florist tape to really secure them. But probably not. I’m just glad I got this thing done before her birthday and not three weeks late.



I didn’t end up using the wire cutters but I was so astonished we actually had them that I just had to share. We have no tape in the house, but we have these.



Here’s a look at the final product.




And they make lovely hats.



Despite our contributions, the bouquet turned out to be a big, beautiful burst of cheer! It was made by the hands my Grandma loves, heavily supervised by Martha Stewart. And you don’t even have to water it. Just exactly what a 95-year old would love, I think.



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  1. So funny. And the flowers are wonderful. I’m sure your nonagenarian will be smiling. She might even tear up a little.

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