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Posted on Jan 23, 2013 | 1 comment

Where Have I Been All My Life? Part 1

Where Have I Been All My Life? Part 1

I don’t get out much.  Like, at all.  It’s been a while since I was in touch with what’s happening in the San Diego dining scene. When Cute Banker and I do get a rare meal to ourselves, we tend to fall back on old favorites, not being able to produce a single new idea for a place to go. We are in such a hurry to maximize babysitting time, we start madly driving before we can even pull up Urbanspoon.  We make our decisions mid-drive.

Luckily, I have friends and family without small, demanding people living amongst their ankles.  They keep me oh-so-tenuously plugged in to the city’s social scene. I met two such friends for lunch yesterday.  We have known each other since we were six.  All through elementary school, they wouldn’t let all three of us occupy the same classroom, for fear we would never stop talking. We needed a place with great food, and an atmosphere where we could linger.

When my friend Nesha suggested Tender Greens in Liberty Station for our meeting spot, I was excited. I had heard about this place from my veggie mom so I knew it was at least moderately healthy, and probably tasty as well. I know it’s been there for years, but I had never gotten there. (I pulled Cute Banker inside one time but, one look at the menu, consisting largely of salads, and we were on our way to grab pizza faster than I could say organic microgreens).

Well.  It was inspired, and worth the wait.  It was like home cooking, if Jamie Oliver lives in your home. Why have I not been there before?? Where have I been?

The food is lively, rustic, well-balanced, beautiful, and, yes, tasty! I had the roast beef tart (anything on a would-be pie crust is a winner to me) which has cubes of beef and savory roasted mushrooms. The chicken soup boasts what looks like hand shredded chicken and fresh cut vegetables. The portions were pleasantly modest, as were the prices ($12 total). Even the dishes were appealing, like they came from a fall issue of the Sur la Table catalog.

I somehow managed to resist the abundant chocolatey, cupcakey delights crowding the counter by the cash register. This time.

And, not only did they not pressure us to leave within an hour, or two, or three, they kept on cheerfully filling our hibiscus iced teas. I hope it doesn’t take me another twenty years to get back.

I forgot to take a picture of us, so please enjoy this collage, circa 1847:


Tender Greens at Liberty Station
2400 Historic Decatur Road
San Diego, CA 92106

1 Comment

  1. Funny cause I was going to ask you to join me at Tender Greens at UTC mall, it’s new and I can’t stay away!

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