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Posted on Nov 17, 2012 | 0 comments

Why I Hate Target

Why I Hate Target

Because I go in for a curtain rod and I come out with this stupid, awesome thing.



It’s an Advent calendar with an actual box for each day.



In my day…cough cough…sorry. Anyway, way, way, way back then, there were no boxes. Just a different picture behind each date. Although, to be honest, I loved my paper Garfield Advent calendar so much, I still have it and my boys aren’t allowed to play with it. It’s delicate! (It’s ancient, you know.)


Way to set the bar high, too. Now, every year, we have to come up with 48 separate teeny tiny treats.



Cute Banker and I kind of rocked it out this year. We got lucky. We went the Birch Aquarium (a must-see for anyone with eyes) and they happened to have twelve thousand or so miniature sea creatures. Perfect, we picked up one of each.



We also just happened upon mini-flashlights, felt cupcakes and hearts, little cars, fish-shaped chocolates wrapped in shiny foil, tiny Lego Santas, dunk-em-in-water-and-watch-em-grow dinosaur capsules, stickers of elves and stockings and sparkly stars, and a Hershey’s kiss or two.

I have a feeling, chocolates and other candies will be getting more prominent, the older they get. This year, the non-edible selection was fairly diverse and rather fantastic. The biggest Christmas of their tender years is shaping up to be pretty magical. I have no illusion that I will be able to match it from here on out. I’m easy on myself like that. And, hey, kids like chocolate. So, lucky them! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Now, if I can just stay out of Target, I’ll be the lucky one.

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