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Posted on May 28, 2013 | 3 comments

Wildflower Walk

Wildflower Walk

The kids and I went wildflower hunting the other day.




Considering we live in a suburb, it’s not all that easy to do. Also considering spring has fairly well sprung, we had even fewer choices. But it was a nice day for a walk, and this gave us a purpose. The following is what we came up with, entirely from objects found in the neighborhood, and around the house.




Some call them weeds, some call them wildflowers. Ha.




And some weren’t flowers at all.







This year of living life to the fullest began with stopping to smell the flowers. These gardenias are particularly, pungently, gorgeously fragrant. They insist you breathe all the way in just to get as much of the scent as possible.



The bonus is that all this hard work hunting in the sunshine made for two very sleepy, nap-compliant children. The perfect surprise ending.



  1. What a wonderful idea, and such wonderful results (both the flowers and the sleepy children).

  2. Nice to have a new post. I miss reading them. ūüôā

  3. Beautiful flowers! My gardenia plant is blossoming right now and I can’t get enough of it. So fragrant.

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