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Posted on Apr 1, 2013 | 0 comments

WINNER! Crappy Book Giveaway

WINNER! Crappy Book Giveaway

Congratulations to MARIA from California! As a result of a totally unbiased and entirely scientific process, Maria has won the book, Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures!!

It is a complete and random coincidence that this woman happens to be my mother-in-law, the very mother of Cute Banker. I SWEAR this was legit. So legit that I didn’t even change the outcome out of fear people might think it wasn’t legit. Too legit to quit, you might say. Well, you might not say that. But I did because I remember Hammer Time. Sorry. I’m old.

So, congratulations, Maria! You have won this hilarious book. But you never go on the internet, so you won’t even know. So, I will deliver it to you personally. That’s how much I love my readers, and you, in particular. Thank you for making Cute Banker, and thank you for subscribing to my blog. I am your biggest fan and you legitimately deserve to win!


Thanks for reading. Now, do some writing! Leave a comment!

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